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Thoughts on the New X-Files Series

The X-Files is going to be returning to Fox as a six episode mini series,  and if we lived in a perfect world where the show was cancelled immediately after the sixth or even seventh season, I’d be super excited. Sadly, in our universe, the season nine finale “The Truth” and the simultaneously dull and insane “I Want to Believe” exist, both written by X-Files creator Chris Carter. Six new X-Files monster-of-the-week stories that ignore the infuriatingly convoluted and ultimately pointless mythology could be great, but before you get too excited, remember that “I Want to Believe” was a stand-alone story. Look how that turned out. Carter has said that he had plans for a third movie that would be about the 2012 alien invasion – you know, the one Mulder found out about in “The Truth,”
which is why he was sentenced to death and had to break out of prison and flee? Which nobody cares about at all in “IWTB”? I took Carter’s hand-waving of Mulder’s fugitive status as an indication that the mythology was concluded and can now be safely ignored, which is definitely a good sign. But I’m still feeling like Scully: skeptical that this new series will be any good. I’m no psychic pedophile, but I predict that it’s going to bite more than a two-headed dog. If you don’t get that joke, it’s probably because you fell asleep during the last movie (there was a two-headed dog in it). I’ll always love The X-Files, just like Mulder will always love his lost sister, Samantha; also like Samantha, the show’s death was a relief after years of torture and suffering. Maybe the new show will be a hybrid clone of the original, genetically engineered to remove stupid plotting, but when it comes to getting my hope up for this series, my attitude is less “I want to believe” and more “Trust no one.”