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July 11th, The 2015 SHRED GAMES

2 min skate contest


This was a special day for the Darkplace. It held its first skate contest and outdoor show together! Boys and girls brought their boards and shredded on the ramp the whole afternoon except for when the occasional band would start playing. Then the ramp became host to dancing, foot stomping, moshing and a few performers brave enough to leave the stage and join the fray. It all came with the days cool cloud coverage which luckily didn’t deposit any rain on the shredsters.



Three contests, three prizes, three bands, and it was a whole lot of fun! Another skate contest is in hot demand and is predicted to take place in September!

*This story also appears in Dark Zine.

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Damn it Feels Good to be a Photographer





I felt overwhelmed getting these shots. Not just because they’re of A MAN WITH A GUITAR AND A GRILL, but because I’ve wanted to share the wonder associated with the musicians that have come along and made my jaw drop. I now feel I’m getting to do that. All thanks to Patrick! Patrick loaned me his camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR, and I have been getting shots at all the shows I would usually attend without one. Now I get to take away a piece of them and share it. I have found Flickr to be great for this and I’m glad to claim my moniker ‘DriveAngry3D’ as a username on the site. These and more benefits are becoming known to me as I take on the role of photographer at live music shows and it’s all thanks to Patrick who believed in me when I said I wanted to film things!

You can see all the action featuring A MAN WITH A GUITAR AND A GRILL in the album Dopeslamer / Maniak / Bozo Lads @ The Darkplace.




Ground Kontrol Has More to Offer

Yesterday I went to Ground Kontrol’s all ages free play party for spring breakers. I have rarely been to Ground Kontrol as a quarter per play seems silly given the amount of games I have at home, but a mere $5 cover to access all the arcade has to offer for a few hours sold me. I was excited to see many familiar games that I had first experienced at home. Getting my hands on them here proved to me that Ground Kontrol’s arcade offers me something new. The unique artwork, controller setups, and fellow players who joined in turned each game into a more personal experience.

To get on a game it had to be unoccupied and I had to walk up to it. Then I had to figure out which button got me started and try get a handle on the controls before I ended up at the game over screen.


The colorful cabinets did just as much to draw my attention as the active video screens.


What I could never experience at home is the quirks of each of games’ cabinet. Marble Madness is a game I played where the marble follows the spin of the track ball.



Moves I had mastered in Street Fighter just weren’t going off when I attempted them on the cabinet’s controls and in X-Men, Wolverine hardly seemed to listen to my pleading with the attack button.


Smash TV’s dual stick controls now seemed pretty awkward on two stiff joysticks placed six inches apart.




Paperboy, which I already thought of as a hard game, was taken to another level with the handle bar controller.


Some time on each cabinet allowed me to immerse myself in the game. Playing them in the arcade has given me a greater appreciation for the systems that bring the games to life.






The layout felt spot on for an arcade. Everywhere you turn you are faced with a new game to play. I was happy to see games not available in my home collection. They called out to me more than the familiar ones.


Attack of the Martians offered the chance to blow up UFOs!


The horror themed pinball corner was really fun. I made a lot of attempts to impress the Mistress of the Dark on Scared Stiff.


I wish I could have gotten more chances to play Mario Kart, but it was pretty popular.


Ground Kontrol is defiantly a good way to kill time if you enjoy gaming. I also found it to create new connections and understanding of how I experience video games. Home may seem the ideal place to play in, but the arcade has something more to offer.

Ground Kontrol is located in the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood of Portland, OR.